Gixtronix Technologies
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We provide customized hardware system integration based on your specific application

National Instruments

  • NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS is one of the best in providing the hardware platform for test,measurement and control which include PXI,CompactRIO,CompactDAQ.

  • PXI is a rugged PC-based platform for measurement and automation systems, which can handle high data acquisition rates,high-speed Digital I/O with various communication protocol best for your manufacturing test,machine monitoring,industrial testing solutions.

  • CompactRIO has the advantage of PXI in compact chassis with real-time data acquisition and control perfect for your remote embedded application to deploy all around your industry.
  • CompactDAQ is a portable rugged data acquisition platform using that we can directly connect any sensor or signal which can be displayed on a PC and can be used for data storage and analysis.

Texas Instruments

  • Texas instruments are one of the world leading semiconductor manufacturers, their products include Microcontrollers,DSP IC.
  • We integrate their products for your required embedded application.


  • Omron is one of the leaders in industrial automation products like sensors, switches, safety components, relays, control components.
  • These quality products are integrated into your application for reliability and accuracy.


  • Schneider is one of the well-established companies in automation and control products
  • we integrate their products based on your specific application.


  • We use Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) for integrating electro-mechanical process
  • PLC are perfect for your applications which include factory assembly lines,convener belt.

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