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Measurement & Automation

Building automated test systems and measurement solutions for R&D, and manufacturing end-of-line.

Our flexible and collaborative approach delivers efficient, accurate, and robust test systems, as well as the tools to leverage test data for effective results analysis. We develop systems using a variety of software and hardware platforms (custom and off-the-shelf), data acquisition systems, and control methods.

Automated Test Systems

Automated test systems are utilized by manufacturing quality control, research and development, and validation labs. They help test and develop new products, benchmark and certify products, and ensure quality at the end of a manufacturing line.

Data Acquisition systems

Collecting data and providing critical insight into your application is key. this includes not only access to data but the ability to analyze and present it in intelligent ways with data visualization using local and cloud database 

Manufacturing Automation

Engineering intelligent factory floor systems including electrical & mechanical machine design and build.

Our manufacturing and system integration services for the industry, Our expert engineers provide a range of services from system integration to turn-key solutions for all your manufacturing automation needs.

Machine Control

Systems to monitor, optimize and control by an orchestrated sequence with variety of input sensors and output systems like motors and control variables.

Vision & Robotic systems

We develop advanced image inspection algorithms and integrate the Vision system with custom automation solutions.


Automate your machines with our large set of powerful programming tools for all your factory floor, R&D systems

Our experience implementing industrial automation programming utilizing PLC LabVIEW SCADA with seamless integration allows us to deliver optimal solutions for your challenging requirements.


Depending on your needs, Our team can design turnkey applications from start to finish or work side by side with your team to clear critical challenges and provide you the efficient results.

Industrial Networks

We understand and work with many industrial network protocols and hardware layers such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Wireless PROFINET, Ethernet I/P, DeviceNet, Modbus, Modbus TCP, RS-232, RS-485, CAN, EtherCAT, and other

Embedded Development

Rich embedded system applications, and interactive GUIs working in tandem with your existing production system or standalone consumer, networking, and automotive products.

Our embedded engineers with our technological innovation and unique combination of expertise in embedded hardware, embedded software, PCB design and mechanical design, provide engineering solutions for leading product companies, service providers and aspiring start-ups.

PCB Design & Simulation

Our capabilities cut across right from creating specs, designing, simulating and implementation using ranges of microprocessors with real-time operating system helps in overcoming today’s business challenges and delivering next-gen embedded engineering solutions.

Firmware Programming

Our extensive inhouse library combined with third party library of bootloaders  RTOS Cloud integration with Low-level driver development (SPI, ADC, UART, I2C, PWM) Complex communication protocols (USB, TCP/IP, Modbus, RS485, CAN) Data storage (SDCard, EEPROM)  reduces development cost and time to market.

Mobile Application

Bring your business to everyone everywhere using the latest tools and technologies to build the industry-best Android & iOS apps

Our best-in-class mobile app development solutions help you to transform your business. We serve a wide range of industry verticals and encourage emerging companies as well as support established entities by engineering apps that run smoothly on any device.

Emerging technology

Our highly skilled app developers can help you plan, conceptualize, design, develop, and deliver advanced cutting-edge mobile apps which empower your business.

Industrial Collbration

Our extensive development allows us to integrate your existing physical system, Manufacturing factory floor, and R&D Lab data to be delivered in your mobile faster with improved data analysis for easier decision making

Custom Software & Web Application

Custom software development helps you to meet unique requirements for your laser-focused business needs.

As a full-service application development company helps you in designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions, or organizations deployed On-Premise Windows Desktop or on the web.

Rapid application development

We work on an adaptive software development model which prioritizes quick development based on your feedback which helps us ensure that the outcome is more quality-focussed and aligns with the end users requirements

Intuitive Front-End & Scalable Back End

Our full-stack applications development ranges from engineering tools to hardware connectivity and dashboarding with custom analytics to enable business productivity using multiple software development platforms giving you the flexibility to get the right solution for software needs.