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'I think technology exists to satisfy our ever-evolving curiosities. We carefully customise our projects to end-user demands, which inspires fresh ideas that has an impact​

Gowtham Kishore R.

​Gixtronix Technologies

Who Are We

Gixtronix Technologies is a project-based engineering consulting firm focused on software development and embedded systems. 

Using a variety of technologies and platforms, we create and deploy solutions for a wide range of sectors. 

Gixtronix Technologies has helped companies boost efficiency and production by offering cutting-edge solutions globally since 2016.

Collaborative Approach

Our flexible and collaborative approach helps you get over challenging issues by paying attention to your demands and developing customised solutions.

Diverse Experience

Our broad expertise with technology in a variety of industries enables us to draw on best practices from a variety of sectors.

Empowering Innovation

We continually encourage and allow individuals to satisfy your futuristic demands so you may capture market chances for a brighter future.

Technology Ecosystem

Our comprehensive world-class product stack enables you to obtain the greatest product on the market.

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Our Works

Automated Test Equipment 

Fully automated gearbox test employing controlled electric motor and robotic technologies to manage the gear changing with entire gear characteristics are tested

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Build an automated guided vehicle for industrial material transportation utilising our exclusive magnetic line following technology, complete with customised stations and routing for optimum production line operation.

Smart Energy Meter

Designed and built a smart energy meter for an electric vehicle charger that uses embedded technologies and an Android app to regulate and measure voltage, current, power, and energy factors, as well as provide the user with the amount of money spent on each charge.

Automotive End of line Test

End-of-line testing of automotive component using a custom-built PCB with CAN protocol to test a sequence of commands with specific inputs for certifying a product in production.

Smart Production Line

End-of-line test data is sent directly to the cloud from numerous production lines using custom developed software for immediate data viewing and future storage via the custom built Android app.

Work In Progress

SCADA for Battery Energy Storage System BESS

Creating unique SCADA solutions for industrial-grade battery energy storage systems for a variety of applications such as peak shaving/shifting, energy trading, and backup power for essential systems.


Clever tailored production line tracking software retrieves commands from multiple PLCs, test instruments, and sensors to check each station criteria, ensuring that the product has completed all assembly and testing before it is ready for shipment.