• Transform your idea into 
    market ready products.

    We bring the necessary engineering rigor to innovate, design, build, test, upgrade, and scale complex next-generation products and systems.

Software Engineering

Custom Software development

Stand-alone PC software or SaaS product idea to a full-service application adopting cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, AI, ChatGPT

Front End

Modern, intuitive interface with high ease of use with optimizing user experience using managed software workflow.

Back End

Solid backend with scalable database for any of your strategies with local or cloud using our experienced architecture knowledge.

Application Development

Deploy your software tool across the web, desktop, cloud, and mobile. Either single-person use or scalable to thousands for your requirement. 

Embedded Engineering

POC & Prototyping

Get your concept ready to market with our expert team building your solution for your industrial electronics, automotive, and consumer electronics.

PCB Circuit Design & simulation

We design, simulate and validate your schematic and prepare multilayer board layouts with industry-standard components with analog, digital, Wi-Fi, BLE systems.


Integration between electronics and software for your product objective with highly customizable architecutre using our cutting edge tools.

PCB Assembley & Manufacturing

Our partnership with major semiconductor companies helps us procure and assemble the PCB and get your finished products delivered to you across the globe.

Mechanical Engineering

Product Design

Our mechanical product design range from concept to detailed design, analysis, and prototyping using the industry best CAD software tools.

Reverse Engineering

Our laser scanning technique helps you to create intelligent models and allows us to re-create the parts and enhance them to an upgraded new product.

Enclosure Case / Fixtures

Rugged product enclosures or fixtures for your industrial equipment, machines, end consumer products and specialty printed circuit boards.

3D Printing

Rapid prototyping best way to visualize your end product in real life in the fastest way possible and help us to proceed with mass manufacturing. 

Cloud Engineering

Cloud Native

New-age software systems are built on the cloud with a modular architecture that handles extraordinary complexity for our everyday use.

Digital Platform

We help from strategizing, building, migrating, and deploying to sustaining and supporting business operations for your application using the cutting edge Microsoft azure platform.


Highly redudant, virtually accescable anywhere storage systems with SQL or NoSQL technology for your scalable web application needs.

Mobile application

Software application developed specifically to run on smart phones and communcate with cloud or embedded systems.